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Proven Quality

Blue Moose delivers the quality you'd expect from more expensive paints: one-coat coverage, scrubbability, and a smooth, durable finish. Blue Moose is inexpensive, but it isn't cheap. Cheap paint does not “cover” well, and that means you have to apply multiple coats—something that quickly becomes expensive and frustrating.


Blue Moose is produced by Loop Recycled Products, a respected, reputable recycler. Last year alone, we processed over 6,000,000 kilograms of paint. With certifications and laboratory testing to underscore our quality, we’ve successfully sold our paint to major retailers, contractors, and exporters around the world.
We test every batch of Blue Moose paint to ensure it meets our stringent quality standards before it reaches our cans. We also use third-party testing for quality assurance. Our certifications and laboratory testing include:

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