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With Blue Moose, you're getting the performance of a more expensive paint while giving your wallet and the environment a break. When it comes to quality, you’re really getting more than what you’re paying for!


In simple terms, we combine low-grade paints ($15/gallon) with high-grade paints like Behr and Benjamin Moore ($80+/gallon) to create Blue Moose. The result is a finished product that performs like new, mid-grade paint ($30-$40/gallon).  


The magic of our value lies in how we create every can of Blue Moose. We start by collecting leftover, unused paint and then sorting it by type, colour, and quality before professionally processing it into recycled paint. Poor quality paints get sorted out at the start, so they never make the mix. Only paint from quality brands you know goes into Blue Moose Paint. (We sell the lower-grade paint at reduced prices to discounters and exporters, so it doesn’t go into landfill, either.) Every batch includes a small amount of new material such as colour pigment to ensure quality and consistency. 


Blue Moose paint always undergoes stringent in-house and third-party quality controls before it gets packaged for sale. We test the paint for colour consistency as well as overall quality according to industry standards such as sag, opacity, coverage, and durability. You can count on our paint to deliver incredible results every time—or we’ll gladly refund the cost of your purchase!

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