What is recycled paint?

Recycling paint is the process of collecting either post consumer or post industrial paint and making it into a new coating. A better term rather than recycling is reuse as the paint is not actually used a second time.

What is paint?

Paint has been part of human culture for over 100 000 years according to Stephanie Pappa who wrote an article called “Oldest Human Paint-Making Studio Discovered in a cave”.

In general all paint contains a binder, diluent, pigment and sometimes additives. By using different amounts and origins, paint can take on many different characteristics. Because recycled paint is made up of many different types of paint the end result is a paint representing an average of all components including additives.

10 Things you Should Know About Recycled Paint?

  • 1. It’s good paint because it’s made from good paint
  • 2. Not available in all colours – colours are usually more muted and less bright
  • 3. Has no expiry date
  • 4. Can be mixed with virgin paint or other recycled paint to change the colour
  • 5. Needs to be filtered for most applications
  • 6. Can achieve same colour match as virgin retail paint
  • 7. Can be applied by brush, roller and even spray
  • 8. Can be thinned by simply adding water
  • 9. Suitable for some exterior applications
  • 10. Great value because it’s recycled

Is recycled Paint Good Paint?

Yes, recycled paint is good paint. It’s good paint for the simple reason that its made from good paint. Our recycled paint is made from paint collected from Ontario (Canada) Municipalities and because the average can of paint purchased in Ontario sells for about $35 it makes sense that our recycled paint has the same quality characteristics as a $35 can.

Blue Moose Recycled paint should not be compared to cheap virgin paint. We have all used inexpensive paint and in general you get what you pay for because it simply costs more in raw materials to produce a good paint which covers and clings to a roller.