blue moose paint reviews

1: Is the color in the can consistent?

Colour quality is something we are truly passionate about. Any kind of light – daylight, artificial light, even candlelight – can dramatically change the way a certain color appears. It’s all determined by the way light and colors attract. Some colors are more metameristic than others. This simply means: colors have a tendency to change under different light conditions. Grays, taupes, lavenders, and mauves are particularly affected by lighting conditions. Time of day if near a window, sheen levels, shadows, other wall colors in the same room, and even furniture can also change how our eye perceives color. We recommend always choosing a paint color once you have seen it under natural daylight. Keep notice of what direction your room is facing. Northern light is the coolest, while southern exposure is the most intense. If you paint two rooms – one with a northern exposure and one with a southern exposure- the wall color will look different in each room.

 2. Do you have to stir or shake Blue Moose Paint?

Yes. Give Blue Moose Paint a vigorous 2 minute stir when opening, and continue to stir it every 15 minutes or so throughout the application. Here’s a picture of what Blue Moose might look like when it’s first opened versus when it’s quickly stirred:

blue moose review

3: Is the colour the same in the can as it is on the label?

When our labels arrive, we use our photo-spectrometer to check for color match but as you can see, sometimes it is not perfect due to light sources, limitations of printing and being on a different substrate (paper). The true test of the color to the label is to dab a little bit on the label and let it dry. I think you might find it close.

4: Why does my paint smell?

We have had some instances of batches with a less than pleasant odor. We’ve attributed this to the addition of a preservative but the smell dissipates over time. In other words, a recently packaged gallon may have more odor than a can which has been stored for a couple months. The good news, though, is that we are now adding a natural extract to give the paint a nicer smell. Loop will soon have the sweet smell of vanilla when it is opened. As part of Blue Moose’s 5-year warranty, please email us at info@BlueMoosePaint.com with your batch number and details of your concern so we can have it fixed for you!

5: Where can I buy Blue Moose Paint?

Blue Moose Recycled Paint is exclusively available at all Giant Tiger stores.
6. Is Blue Moose Paint vegan?
Because of the nature of recycled paint – where we combine several different brands of paint into one paint product (ie. Behr, Color Place, Benjamin Moore, etc) – there is a strong likelihood that our paint is not vegan. We cannot be 100% certain of this claim. For example: some binders in paint are animal based.
Have another question? Please feel free to email us: Info@BlueMoosePaint.com or 24 hours at 1-877-593-2600.

blue moose recycled paint