Quality Testing

Good Paint – Low Cost

Whether you have been purchasing recycled paint for years or you think you want to start building a market – you have likely recognized that recycled paint means good value. You simply can’t manufacture paint for the same price that we can sell it. As shipping, labour, and raw material cost increase, recycled paint remains an almost unbelievable value. Blue Moose Recycled Paint is not cheap paint. Cheap paint will not “cover” so multiple coats quickly make it expensive. Coverage is a function of expensive components like Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) and cheap paint formulations substitute TiO2 for much cheaper extenders, clay, and thickeners.

Here at Loop Recycled Products, we recover quality controlled paint which keeps our costs very low. We’re talking less than $1 a gallon low, and the quality still remains high. Because our product is recycled – we take several different brands and glosses of paint and combine them to create our product – so we take your low end paints the $15/gallon and the high end Behr/Benjamin Moore $80+ gallon paints combined. Our paint quality is around $30 a can of paint. This is the first time in the recycled world where you’re really getting more than what you’re paying for in terms of quality.
Last year alone, we processed over 6 million kilograms of paint. With certifications and laboratory testing under our belt, we’ve successfully been sold to major retailers, contractors, and exporters around the world.
Some of our certifications and laboratory testing: