Our Paint

recycled paint

What makes our recycled paint great value is really quite simple. The average can of paint we receive as waste has the same quality specifications as a $35 can of paint (Canadian Retail) so it covers on one coat, does not spatter and leaves a smooth finish.

Our recycled paint is available in many different specifications ranging from unprocessed “Raw Feedstock” in 1000 liter totes to “Premium” specialized products like colour matched porch and floor alkyds with a 5 year guarantee. The more we need to process and package the paint the greater the cost so contact us so together we can help determine your needs.

See the chart below for our 2018 colors:

Our Latex paint is available in the following grades:

Raw Feedstock (Alkyd or Latex): This is the lowest cost way to purchase paint but it will have particles which will effect the finish of the paint. We have a customer who purchases this low cost paint and filters it through a simple wire mesh (screen door type) which makes the paint usable for the application. Our raw feesdtock colours are Off-white, Light Beige, Medium Beige, Brown, Light blue, Dark Blue, Light Green, Dark Green, Purple, Grey and Pink.

Export Ready: this grade is coarse filtered and available in totes or pails. We simply pump each tote through a filter and back into the tote – a wet sample drawn down with 3 mm drawdown bar may reveal some small particles but this is suitable for some applications.

Contractor: This grade takes the Export ready grade and further filters to 150M so no particles will remain in the coating – this will have the finish of a mid-grade virgin paint. In order to have greater consistency we also make create Polar Express in 1900 gallon batches and batch number each container. In this way the end user can select paint from the same batch and use this paint on the same project or even the same wall.

Blue Moose: In this grade we enhance the Polar Express grade by making the program available in single gallon cans and we colour match to 2 deltas – a point at which the colour difference is visible but appropriate for applications which don’t include painting the same room.

Loop Grade: this grade of paint is simply the the most sophisticated recycled paint possible. Loop is triple filtered to 150 mesh, tested, treated and every batch gets rolled out on a wall to ensure its ready. This paint is colour matched to our range of custom colours to less than what is perceptible to the human eye: 0.8 delta.

Batches and Colour matching: Batches are an important concept in all paint applications but they are particularly important to recycled paint because if the paint is from the same batch it can be applied to the same area as any other paint in the same batch. You are welcome to purchase the Loop grade of quality and our


The colours below show our feedstock colours and the variation between different totes so the variation between the containers can be understood. We offer color matching up to 0.8 delta.