Export Offers

This section shows product offers and colours. Please visit the Our Paint section for our paint grades.

Paint Company in a Sea Container

Includes totes, empty 5-gallon pails (mixed colours), printed labels, drawdown cards, colour charts, and a custom-made hose and valve.

Packing list:

  • 16 totes = 4,240 gallons, export filtered, tote batch colour match (1 White, 3 Off-white, 3 Light Blue, 3 Pink, 3 Light Green, 3 Medium Beige)
  • 480 – Empty 5-gallon pails, mixed colours
  • 480 – Labels
  • 10 – Drawdown cards of each colour
  • 100 – Custom-made colour charts with your company logo
  • 1 – Custom-made hose & valve that attaches to your tote to fill pails
  • 1 – Freight (FOB) to your port

All ships in 1 20-foot container, with 21 days free demurrage.

From $10,250* USD FOB Your Port
*price may vary depending on port destination & freight fees

Premium Lights: 20-foot container

Light colours are always a premium as they are popular and versatile. The Premium Lights offer includes:

  • 6 totes off-white
  • 10 totes light beige
  • total of 16,000 litres in the Export Ready grade

Total price $9,504 CAD

Totes: 20-foot container

18 Totes, unfiltered latex from $1/gallon

Single Gallons: 40-foot container

5,000 single gallons, choose any 2 dark Blue Moose colours, from $3.99/gallon

5 Gallon Pails: 40-foot container

1,000 5-gallon pails, choose any 2 dark Blue Moose colours, from $14 USD

Alkyd Paint: 20-foot container

100 alkyd drums, unfiltered, colour separated, from $1 a gallon

Total price $5,500 USD

Paint Brand in a Box

Whether you have been importing paint for decades or want to start a new venture, Paint Brand in a Box is everything you need to build a latex paint brand. The package includes the following:

  • 5,000 gallons of Export Retail Grade paint in 265 gallon totes
  • 1 Manual Paint dispenser (for gallons and pails)
  • Custom Label design and package labels (or Polar Bear Brand)
  • 700 empty plastic 5-gallon pails
  • 1,500 empty 1-gallon metal cans
  • Instructional booklet and resources

Total price $15,925 CAD


If you don’t see what you need in the offers above, we would be pleased to provide custom products and quotations.

Processing and packaging: In general, the more processing and packaging we provide, the higher the cost.

Colour and Price: Colour selection and variance greatly affect price. For example, a container of mostly pink paint will be much cheaper than a container with all off-white.

The least expensive option for purchasing our paint is to buy it in the raw feedstock form, in totes, and in colours that are less popular for us to use in our consumer facing brands like Loop. The most expensive option for purchasing our paint is to buy it with exact colour matching, packaged in labeled quarts, and in only one popular colour.

We are confident we can find a good combination of processing, colours, and packaging to meet your needs at a price that works for you.


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