Our Paint

What makes our recycled paint great value is really quite simple. The average can of paint we receive as waste has the same quality specifications as a $35 can of paint (Canadian Retail) so it covers on one coat, does not spatter and leaves a smooth finish.

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Export Offers

This section shows product offers, and colours. Please visit the 'Our Paint' section for our paint grades.

Premium Lights – 20 foot container

Light colours are always a premium as they are popular and versitile.
  • 6 totes off white
  • 10 totes light beige
  • total of 16000 litres in the Export Ready grade

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Quality Testing

Whether you have been purchasing recycled paint for years or you think you want to start building a market – you have likely recognized that recycled paint means good value. You simply can’t manufacture paint for the same price that we can sell it. As shipping, labour, and raw material cost increase, recycled paint remains an almost unbelievable value. Blue Moose Recycled Paint is not cheap paint. Cheap paint will not “cover” so multiple coats quickly make it expensive. Coverage is a function of expensive components like Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) and cheap paint formulations substitute TiO2 for much cheaper extenders, clay, and thickeners.

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